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Northcote Lodge

Northcote Lodge School, Bolingbroke Grove, London, UK


Welcome to Northwood Schools, a family of independent schools offering children an excellent education from ages 4-16. Broomwood Hall has that incredible mix that you find in all great schools: dedicated staff; an inspiring curriculum; beautiful buildings with excellent facilities; an ethos that is rooted in the very best of the tried and tested, whilst looking firmly to the future; but above all, happy children.  

Northwood School offers

  • Broomwood Hall Lower (4-8 yrs) - Boys and Girls
  • Broomwood Hall Upper (8-13 yrs) - Girls
  • Northcote Lodge (8-13 yrs) - Boys
  • Northcote Senior (11-16 yrs)- Boys and Girls

For most children, the journey begins at the age of 4 in our co-educational pre-prep school, Broomwood Hall Lower School.

At the age of 8, children automatically progress to one of our two single-sex prep schools: Broomwood Hall Upper School (girls) or Northcote Lodge (boys), where they will be joined by children coming from other schools. 

At the age of 13 – or some at 11 – they depart for their senior schools – either day or boarding.  For some children, this might be our new co-educational secondary school, Northwood Senior, for pupils aged 11-16.


  • Day
  • Boys Only

Age Group Range :

8 To 13


School Visit:  Our Next All Sites Open Morning Will Take Place On Friday 5 February 2021.

Phone :



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Admission Criteria :


Selection Details :

We are unashamedly non-selective; I don’t believe that you can - or should, ‘test’ a child at the age of three and we will always look at individual circumstances and needs when considering an application at any other point of entry.

Reception Entry :  approx 80 places

Entry into our Reception class (Preps) is by random ballot at age 3 in the year before entry.  Siblings and children of alumni receive priority places.

We normally have four to five classes of children with a maximum of 20 each at 4+ 


Registration for entry into Preps (Reception) - Link closes  31 March 2021
last day for school tours 23 March 2021
The Random Ballot for 2022 entry April 2021

Registered children are placed on one of the 8 buckets for ballot, depending on gender and birthday

  • Sep - Nov Birthdays
  • Dec - Feb Birthdays
  • Mar- May Birthdays    
  • Jun - Aug Birthdays        


8+ Entry  :  5-10 additional places

Boys and girls wishing to move on to Northcote Lodge or Broomwood Hall Upper School have an option to join Broomwood Hall Lower School for one year in Year 3 with a guaranteed place at either Northcote Lodge or Broomwood Hall Upper School in Year 4.  Entry is dependent on availability of places and a satisfactory interview and assessment with the relevant prep school. 

Boys from Broomwood Hall Lower School have automatic entry to Northcote Lodge.

There are normally between 5-10 places available for Shell entry from other schools. 

11+ Entry:  Pupils looking for 11+ entry have two choices:


Two years at one of our single-sex prep schools, i.e.  Northcote Lodge or Broomwood Hall Upper School, prior to leaving for a senior school with a 13+ entrance. Please contact admissions to enquire about current availability.


Immediate entry to Northwood Senior (11-16).  Enquiries about entry to Northwood Senior may be made here.  Alternatively, you can call Senior Admissions: 020 8161 0301.  To register for Northwood Senior, please click here.

13+ Entry

There will always be some places available for 13+ entry.  Candidates from Broomwood Hall or Northcote Lodge have priority entry, as do siblings.  Prospective entrants should register by the end of November before an assessment in the January of the proposed year of entry.  Entrance is subject to satisfactory test scores and a short interview with the Head.  

Fees :

All fees are inclusive of lunch, snacks and all non-optional school trips.

School Term Annual
Broomwood Hall Lower School £5,610 £16,830
Broomwood Hall Upper School £6,880 £20,640
Northcote Lodge £6,880 £20,640
Northwood Senior £6,880 £20,640

We offer parents at Broomwood Hall (Lower and Upper) and Northcote Lodge the opportunity to pay school fees early in return for a discount of 0.75%. 

Scholarships :

We offer five scholarships, each of which is worth up to 20% off fees.

Leavers Destination :

One of our most important tasks is to ensure that every boy who leaves us goes to the school that is right for him. Some will go to day schools and some will board. Some will continue in the single sex route, while others will move to co-educational establishments. A few will leave us at 11+ but our curriculum is focused on exit at 13+.

The addition of Northwood Schools' new secondary school, NorthWood Senior, will increase parental choice.

In the last ten years, 426 boys have left us at 13+ to go on to the following schools:

  • Bradfield 44
  • Dulwich 42
  • Tonbridge 29
  • Harrow 27
  • Marlborough 25
  • Wellington 25
  • Charterhouse 21
  • Cranleigh 18
  • Sherborne 18
  • King’s Canterbury 14
  • Radley 14
  • Whitgift 14
  • Eton 13
  • Bryanston 10
  • Stowe 10
  • Brighton College 10
  • Emanuel 5
  • Ewell Castle 5
  • Alleyn’s 4
  • Canford 4
  • Uppingham 4
  • Epsom 3
  • Royal Russell 3
  • St Edward’s, Oxford 2
  • Eastbourne 2
  • Framlingham 2
  • Malvern 2
  • Rugby 2
  • Wetherby 2
  • Winchester 2
  • Shiplake College 2

And one each has gone to:
Ampleforth; Ardingly; Blundell’s; Eaton Square; Fettes; Fulham; Gresham’s; Hampstead Fine Arts; Hampton;
Hurstpierpoint; Ibstock Place; King’s Bruton; Knightsbridge; Millfield; Oundle; Radnor House; Shrewsbury; St
Dunstan’s; St John’s Leatherhead; St Joseph’s; Westminster; Worth.

Feeder Schools :

Most pupils come from Broomwood Hall Lower School

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