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St Paul's School (Senior)

St. Pauls School for boys, Lonsdale Road, London, UK


St Paul’s is an independent school offering an outstanding, all-round education for gifted boys aged 7 to 18 years.

We wish to admit highly able, committed and curious boys. We care for them in an academic environment tailored to their specific needs and to equip them with the skills to contribute to wider society long after they have left St Paul’s. Our entry points are at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ and admission is following a successful examination process and interview.


  • Day
  • Boys Only

Age Group Range :

13 To 18

Number of Pupils :



There are almost 30 physical activities to choose from on the Games Programme.  In addition to the major sports, there are opportunities to participate in badminton, croquet, cycling, hockey (Fourth Form), table tennis, ultimate frisbee and windsurfing.

Each department (Art, Music and Drama) has its own dedicated building allowing for complete synergy between academic study and practical creativity.

From painting to print-making, film production to theatre production, jazz ensembles to full-scale orchestral works, pupils can be found making and creating throughout the school.

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Phone :

020 8748 9162


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Admission Criteria :


Selection Details :

Entry at 13+ 

Places:  Approx  176 boys    (almost 50% come from St Paul’s Juniors)

The application process for 13+ entry in 2024 is now open and you can apply here.


Stage one

  • All registered candidates are required to take the ISEB online pre-test in October or November of Year 6. This will, preferably, be completed at their current school but if their school is unable to administer the tests, boys are able to sit them here at St Paul’s.
  • We will also request a report from a boy’s Head Teacher covering their character, academic strengths and interests. These reports and the pre-test results are carefully reviewed before deciding which boys are called forward to the second stage of the selection process, the interview. Parents and schools will be informed of our decision in mid-December.

Stage two

  • Interviews take place between January and July of Year 6. Boys take two 20 minute papers, one in English and one in Mathematics. When they have completed these, boys meet with two senior members of teaching staff who will spend 20 minutes talking to them about their academic studies. During this time parents will have the opportunity to speak to another senior member of staff.

We will write within three weeks of the interview to let you know our decision. This will be one of three outcomes.

A place on the Main List

This offer must be accepted by end of Year 7. If boys are attending a school which follows the Year 7 and 8 curriculum prescribed by St Paul’s when interviewed, their place is conditional upon continued good conduct and academic progress at their existing school, including an unreserved reference of support from their Head Teacher in Year 8.

Offers made to boys who do not attend schools following the St Paul’s prescribed curriculum in Years 7 and 8 will be subject to the same conditions on progress, conduct and report, but we reserve the right to place additional conditions upon the offer.  For example, one condition may be upon them achieving a minimum of 70% in prescribed subjects at Common Entrance. This condition is to ensure that boys offered places in Year 6 arrive at St Paul’s at 13+ equipped to handle the curriculum.

A place on the Reserve List
Once the deadline for the acceptance of Main List offers has passed the Reserve List will be reviewed early in Year 8.  This will involve St Paul’s requesting an up-to-date report from the Head Teacher and boys sitting written papers in English and Mathematics, after which some boys will be offered unconditional places for 13+ and a few more will be placed on a small waiting list.

Fees :

St Paul’s School – Fourth to Upper Eighth Form    - £8,636 per term

Boarding Fee    - £12,997 per term

Scholarships :


St Paul’s School offers a number of honorary Scholarships annually.  All Scholarships are honorary and worth £60.



St Paul’s takes great pride in being able to offer financial assistance to the families of talented boys who otherwise could not afford private education.

Each year there are funds available for free and subsidised places at all entry points, with a focus on 11+ and 16+ to reflect the natural state school entry points. As with all other entrants, pupils hoping to benefit from a bursary must gain a place at the school on academic merit. During the assessment process, parents will be asked to complete a financial assessment form designed to establish the level of financial support available.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of a means-test form which requests full details of income and capital resources. Family circumstances may change so the level of support is reassessed annually.

At registration, you may indicate that you wish to be assessed for a bursary.

Results :

2020 has been a year like no other and the 2020 results were awarded through Centre Assessed Grades and not the normal public exams process. However, they remain a fair reflection of the efforts and abilities of the St Paul’s pupils.

  • At A Level and Pre-U, 56% of grades awarded were A* (or equivalent) and 89% were A* or A (or equivalent).
  • At GCSE 70% of grades awarded were at Grade 9 and 92% were Grade 8 or 9.


2019 - A level summary: last five years

  % A* % A*A % A*AB
2019 50.4 80 92.4
2018 51 82.4 95.1
2017 46.9 85.1 97.1
2016 45.1 84.9 98
2015 42.1 81.4 96.7


2019 - GCSE level summary: last five years

  % A* % A*A % A*AB
2019 86 96.7 99.2
2018 78.5 96.1 99.4
2017 77.9 95.7 99.4
2016 77.8 96.7 99.5
2015 82.3 97.6 99.9

Leavers Destination :

OXbridge: Of those that choose to study in the UK, the largest proportion go on to Oxford and Cambridge – an average of 31.5% over the last five years.

In 2020, 126 pupils gained places at other Russell Group universities including UCL and Imperial College which are within the top 10 in the 2020 QS World University Rankings. 23 pupils are heading to top North American universities including MIT, Stanford and University of Chicago, which are also within the top 10 in the 2020 QS World University Rankings, and three to other international institutions.

Full list of Leavers destination 2020 for St Paul's London - see details

Feeder Schools :

Feeder Schools

Feeder Schools Year Places
Wetherby Preparatory School 2020 8
Rokeby School 2020 6
Arnold House School 2020 4
Hill House International School 2020 5
Thomas's Clapham 2020 4
Tower House Preparatory School 2020 4
Garden House School 2020 3
Westminster Cathedral Choir School 2020 3
Hereward House School 2020 2
Knightsbridge School 2020 1
Newland House School 2020 2
St Anthony's Preparatory School 2020 2
Summer Fields 2020 2
Sussex House School 2020 2
Surbiton High Boys' Preparatory School 2020 1
Trevor-Roberts School 2020 1
University College School Junior Branch 2020 1
St Paul's Juniors 2020 80



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